Yellowstone Vacation

Lamar Valley does not disappoint! We found the buffalo/bison herd. Thousands of buffalo filled the valley.
Each of the kids got to see them relatively close. As well as the Mamas and calves.
We ate lunch beside a fast flowing creek under the car hatches since it was raining. When the rain stopped the kids chased the ground squirrels that were under the boardwalk that led out to the creek.
On the return through Lamar Valley we saw a Black wolf hunting a pronghorn. We stopped in the middle of the road with everyone and got out to watch him. No binoculars were needed at first he was so close and huge! Then as the wolf moved up the hill stalking the pronghorn antelope we grabbed all the binoculars which the kids are getting great at using.
Next stop to see a petrified tree. You had to hike about 1/4 mile. Half way into the hike we came actually black bear!! The highlight of our trip!! The tree not so much. The bear was so close casually walking around eating flowers and little berries. The park ranger had us back up and hold our little ones as the bear got a little bit too close for comfort.
We had this thought let’s go to Mammoth Hot Springs and see the original entrance arch. A great fun night! Got to see elk herds and beautiful Mountain View’s. Then it happened. A bison herd decide to migrate down our road about 50 cars in front of us. A cliff and waterfalls on one side and a mountain on the other side. Miles and miles of curvy highway at the pace of the bison herd. 😳 After two hours we are completely stopped and have begun to wonder if the herd just bedded down on the road....
Savannah and Grant decided to bond over sunflower seed spitting...who can make it farthest over the yellow center line. Still at a standstill at 11pm... 1:14 finally in bed. 

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