Yellowstone Vacation

First day at Yellowstone learning about Geyser’s and mudpots. Beautiful to look at but apparently torture to kids. They are much more into the interactive nature! I think their favorite part of the day was lunch. We picnicked by Craig’s pass which was in a forest of pine trees. Not sure how or why but the dead trees had fallen in a grid like way and littered the forest floor. They ate sandwiches while “tight rope” walking as far as they could without touching the ground. When Dad joined in the fun it was game on!
We saw a few bison and elk today but not nearly the amount we had remembered from a previous trip when Savannah was 6 months old. So tomorrow animals are our goal!
As for the rules when viewing the geysers make sure you don’t snap!!! 🤣 It is illegal according to our budding reader Luke!

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