Yellowstone Vacation | Grand Teton | Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Vacation 2019
We pulled off the main highway for Savannah. We found the Wyoming wild horse loop ended up being a 26 mile dirt road up on the top of a plateau.
Thankfully we saw a small herd of horses fairly quickly. A stallion and a few mares and a colt.
We also started a wild flowers collection to put in a scrapbook.
On the way through Wyoming we went through what we called prong-horned antelope valley. Luke told Papa if today was the last day of our vacation it would have been the best vacation ever!!! It’s day #2 😂
Again the most favorite moment of this trip may have been today at Jackson Hole when the kids discovered the ground squirrels at the center of town square. Armed with handfuls of Cheezits and trail mix they set out and within moments had them eating out of their hands!
Today’s drive took us through the Grand Teton National Park on Moose Road but sadly today we didn’t see any moose. We did get to stop by Jenny Lake and took a short hike collecting various types of rocks. We spent enough time at the visitor center for the kids to collect their Jr Park Ranger Badge to add to their growing collection.
 As much as I thought the kids would love the elk antler entrances they were infatuated with the hide and seek squirrels.  

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