Yellowstone | Ousel Falls

On our way out this morning we saw a coyote stalking prey. We thought it might be a pronghorn baby since two does were close nearby and frantic but we settled on the idea he probably caught a prairie dog from the colony in that area all the kids got to watch this nature show “live”!
Ousel Falls Park in Big Sky Montana is a delightful 1.6 round trip mile hike to a gorgeous waterfall. Up and down into a forest and across several gorgeous bridges to the falls. Mamma and Papa brought a walking stick for each of the four kids which led to sword fights. At one point Caroline attacked a stranger with her own walking stick and the lady played right along yelling “ on guard!” 🤦‍♀️
Each of the kids received rocks from the waterfall from Grant. So special they were all different and he explained to each child why he picked that rock for them. I love when Grant takes a moment to encourage each of the kids ❤️
On the way back from the falls we stopped to try a little trout fishing in west Yellowstone. Grant and Papa were as patient as could be getting lines ready for 4 kids plus themselves. Try as they might no fish were caught although the stream was throughly explored!
In an effort to avoid boredom since I didn’t have a rod or a permit to fish I “glassed” the surrounding mountains with binoculars and sure enough there he was ....a large GRIZZLY BEAR! The rods were traded in for lots of binoculars and the rest of the afternoon we watched him graze the hillside eating dandelions.
A great day full of memories made just what vacation is meant to be! @ Ousel Falls Trail

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