Dove Hunt 2018

We love the beginning of fall and taking the family out to the family farm where Grant roamed free on acres and acres of land when staying with his grandparents.  I never got the chance to meet his grandparents and ow a days the house is gone and the landscape has changed some.  But the kids love it out there.

Last year we hit it just right and Grant was shooting doves right and left until he hit his limit.  We had some great dove poppers that night!  But this year the only activity we saw were a bunch of swallows that were super curious about the decoys and not one bit afraid of all of us.

After we ate our dinner watching the swallows Grant walked around some to see if he good find some doves in another part of the property.  The kids were then given permission to run and play.  Their favorite past time is jumping the hay bales.

This year even Luke with some encouragement (he has in the past been super afraid of heights) became an expert jumper from hay bale to hay bale.  Then they started hay bale races.  Such fun with siblings!  I really hope they will always remember nights like this!  Showing off, trying new things, and encouraging one another.  This is the dream.  Most nights include fighting over the remote or toy or parent.  But nights like this give us hope we are doing some of this parenting right. :)

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