Vacation 2018 “where all your dreams come true”

This year we were gifted a trip of a lifetime to Disney World with Bebe and G. We made great time in the way down and the kids surprised us and did so well in the car! We stopped for a treat in Canton, Al at the Durbin Farmer’s Market for fresh peach ice cream! Then spent the night in Tallahassee arriving in Mickey World mid afternoon the next day.

We stayed at the Swan and Dolphin Hotel in WDW. We didn’t waste a minute to start the fun. Before we even had a room we were paddle boating and having ice cream in Disney Boardwalk then riding the Friendship Boat back to the hotel to meet up with cousins. We grabbed our bathing suits and headed out to our first theme park at Blizzard Beach! What a fun park! We got the most out of our hour there! We made it on most all of the slides with no lines and no need for sunscreen! A parents dream!

Savannah and Avery ran around the park together as fast as they could. It’s fun to see them big enough to explore together and brave enough to try new things! My favorite was the family raft ride. Sadly no pictures of this adventure but great memories were made!

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