Dove Hunt 2018

We love the beginning of fall and taking the family out to the family farm where Grant roamed free on acres and acres of land when staying with his grandparents.  I never got the chance to meet his grandparents and ow a days the house is gone and the landscape has changed some.  But the kids love it out there.

Last year we hit it just right and Grant was shooting doves right and left until he hit his limit.  We had some great dove poppers that night!  But this year the only activity we saw were a bunch of swallows that were super curious about the decoys and not one bit afraid of all of us.

After we ate our dinner watching the swallows Grant walked around some to see if he good find some doves in another part of the property.  The kids were then given permission to run and play.  Their favorite past time is jumping the hay bales.

This year even Luke with some encouragement (he has in the past been super afraid of heights) became an expert jumper from hay bale to hay bale.  Then they started hay bale races.  Such fun with siblings!  I really hope they will always remember nights like this!  Showing off, trying new things, and encouraging one another.  This is the dream.  Most nights include fighting over the remote or toy or parent.  But nights like this give us hope we are doing some of this parenting right. :)

The Blog has a NEW NAME!

We changed the name of the blog!  I would like to say it happened because of a lot of thought and design but, nope!  It happened due to neglect.  I forgot in the summer to renew the old domain.  And the company was holding it hostage.  Uggh....  my fault totally.  But, hey, maybe this can be a good thing for us.

The Persimmon Perch (old blog name) came about from a tree swing under a Persimmon Tree that grew in the backyard of our first home together.  We have listed our second home for sale now and have an idea of where we are going (still in Broken Arrow).  But, that means the old Persimmon Perch is long out of our lives and doesn't make much sense anymore.  I mean two of our kiddos never even lived in that first house!

So, since this family blog is mainly written and photographed from my perspective I just used my name.  Could anyone actually spell persimmon correctly the first time?  I never could until my fingers memorized it like they memorized the keyboard in typing class.  Do they still teach typing?

So here we are.  I was reminded even when I ignored this family blog due to lack of time or the fact that all the kids are in school now they spend more of their day away from me than with me. The blog is our family diary. If facebook disappeared tomorrow we would still have our story of life together.

It is how our kids remember their childhood and it tells one very important story of faith through trials and obstacles to get our youngest daughter.  Blogs like this one helped us have the confidence to go for adoption when it seemed unknown and scary.  I want to be able to help others do the same. Because as long as there are orphans out there they need brave people to bring them home.

I'm not sure how to fix all the links quickly so if you haven't seen our adoption story or just want to revisit it here it is:

Hollywood Studios and The Animal Kingdom

Our last day in Disney is one to remember! We did two parks starting with the special magic hour at Hollywood Studios. For some reason we chose to do the scariest ride in the park fist to torture the kids! The tower of terror!  In the middle of the ride Luke starts screaming “I hate this ride” over and over! Most of them seriously disliked it but we’re proud the did it. Next up was the Rockin Rollercoaster. It was FAST, smooth, and wild with upside down twirls and Aerosmith jams! The kids LOVEd it!  From there we saw the little Mermaid show, met some star ars storm troopers, and Sophia the first, then the highlight for Savannah was the Beauty and the Beast Musical. She was enthralled and who knew she knew ALL the lyrics!  She says she loves her because she doesn’t have magic she is who she is and loves to read! Of course the fact the Savannah could easily pass as Belle with hr brown hair and eyes doesn’t hurt to make her first place in Savannah’s mind!

Then we visited space with the Star Wars adventure ride! In all honesty it made me quest but Grant loved it as did the kids!  We grabbed a pretzel and a bus and made our way over to The Animal Kingdom!

We made our way to the tree of life for the bug’s life 3-d show which led you to believe critters were under your bum! This os one of my favorite shows for sensory experience.  We waited for the Dinosaur ride which was realistically scary for some of our littlest people in our group.  We came off the ride and found another thunderstorm found its way over Disney. This one stayed for a few hours and tried our patience the most but since it was our last day I really wanted Luke to see the animals! We got lucky enough to see the final Lion King Show of the day! It was spectacular! Acrobats and sing along songs, fire twirling, complete with Simba, Puma, Timon, and an elephant and giraffe! It was a memory maker show to remember for years to come!

We left there ate pizza and let the last of the storm pass and aroun 8pm we hopped on the Kilamanjaro Safari trek. All the animals were up and moving and playing in the cool weather about dusk. This open jeep ride let us see giraffes walking back and forth across the road, baby elephant playing, Nile crocodiles, hippos, antelopes, lions, ostrich eggs, pelicans, and a whole bunch more! It really was the perfect safari trip which was one of the highlights of the day!

The last Disney memory of our trip was something I have never seen before. The River of Life Light Show. We sat right by the lake and watched these lotus flowers floats, light up animal floats, and ships with dancers on them. The lotus flowers use fountains and lasers to shine and animal show on a water curtain made by water canons. It was amazing!

Disney was amazing!! We are so thankful for G and Bebe for this incredible vacation! So many great memories made with the people we love! Jack and Sophia were “best cousins” and ride partners the whole trip. Avery and Savannah made a great pairing with lots of great adventures. G was a trooper to hang with all these energetic kids for gheee days! Luke favorite memory is still the people mover he rode with G!  Bebe knew just about the same amount of Harry Potter knowledge as Avery and had a blast seeing it come to life.  Disney is where dreams come true but it’s not if you don’t experience with those you love!

The kids were sound asleep on the bus trip to the hotel. After a little sleep we packed up and headed for the beach! Ready to hunt crabs tonight!

Vacation 2018 “where all your dreams come true”

This year we were gifted a trip of a lifetime to Disney World with Bebe and G. We made great time in the way down and the kids surprised us and did so well in the car! We stopped for a treat in Canton, Al at the Durbin Farmer’s Market for fresh peach ice cream! Then spent the night in Tallahassee arriving in Mickey World mid afternoon the next day.

We stayed at the Swan and Dolphin Hotel in WDW. We didn’t waste a minute to start the fun. Before we even had a room we were paddle boating and having ice cream in Disney Boardwalk then riding the Friendship Boat back to the hotel to meet up with cousins. We grabbed our bathing suits and headed out to our first theme park at Blizzard Beach! What a fun park! We got the most out of our hour there! We made it on most all of the slides with no lines and no need for sunscreen! A parents dream!

Savannah and Avery ran around the park together as fast as they could. It’s fun to see them big enough to explore together and brave enough to try new things! My favorite was the family raft ride. Sadly no pictures of this adventure but great memories were made!

Magic Kingdom

Up and ready early to experience the best of Disney at the Magic Kingdom! I think it was funny that our first ride was basically go karts! But with the new fast pass+ system I think we rode 13 or so rides and really only waited for 1 ride the jungle cruise which the kids loved!!  But nothing beat seeing Cinderella’s castle for the first time!! We rode Space Mountain while G and Luke rode the people mover ride of the future! Buzz Lightyear space adventure, Big Thunder mountain railway, Splash Mountain, Dumbo, Pirates of the Caribbean, Hall of Presidents (Jack gave the very life like President Trump and big sincere wave and thumbs up after his finale speech) , Mickey’s PhilharMagic, It’s a Small World, Journey of the Little Mermaid, The Barnstormer, Monsters Laugh Floor which the kids and parents thought was hysterical! The improv  really made the show! Plus we stood in line to meet a few characters while an afternoon thunderstorm found its way to us. We ended the night with the fireworks over the iconic Cinderella castle! A truly magical day! All little heads were accounted for when tucked in for magical dreams that night!

Sand and Seaweed 2018

Thankful for a stopping place on the way home from Disney we found our selves playing on the Ft. Walton beach! But exhaustion from walking so many miles in Disney led us to relaxing in the beach chairs most days!  The sea grass filled the waves unfortunately but we did see quite a few more shells than normal. Caroline loved the sea and spent most of the day floating in the waves. Savannah and Jack used the boogie board instead! Luke still stayed on the shore but wandered off in search of shells and fish! We loved our days on the beach but we are also ready for home!  Our favorite thing is just being together and making memories! We are so thankful for these days of joy and blessings!

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