Red Bud Valley Adventure

Well we had planned to go to the fair again today.  But then I realized the tickets the kids got at school didn't work on Saturday.  So we expected big tears when we asked the kids about going on a hike instead.  To our surprise we got big cheers so we went with it.

It had been a little over two years since we had hiked the cliffs of Red Bud Nature Center so we headed back.  It was slightly muddy since it rained last night but not too bad.  The kids (and we grownups) had so much fun climbing over rocks and looking into tiny caves.  We only saw one snake but that put an end to exploring the caves.

The area around there reminds me of north Arkansas and it is just beautiful!  There is really no other place like this (that I know of) around this part of Oklahoma.  If you haven't ventured out here then you should!

And just for fun let's please take a moment to notice how much these kids have grown!
Take a trip down memory lane...Caroline had only been home 2 months (and I'm sure had no idea what we were doing or why!?!) and Luke was only 2!
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