Smokey Valley Campground (Spring Creek)

Yesterday we went and played in the creek.  When we packed up we had lots of tears and threats of "get in this car now"!  The kids just didn't want to leave.

The fun of the creek is that there truly is an adventure around every corner which makes you want to keep going but at some point you have to go back to where you left your stuff.  Which is when the tears and attitudes started.  But we were out of food so those attitudes weren't going to get any better with more time no matter how much they begged.

The things needed for a great day at the creek are intertubes, googles (to see the fish below), nets (catching fish), and a bucket to collect your fish/crawfish, and the most important would be water shoes.  The bottom of this creek is rocky but also can be slippery and shoes help.

After lots of fishing and a picnic lunch we started down the creek. For most of the creek the kids could touch even Luke (our 4 year old). For quite a bit it was only ankle deep.

We found a great log to jump off of.  The water below had carved out a deep hole.  All the kids put on their brave faces and jumped.

A round the next bend we found the "roaring rapids" the water was only calf deep but it went fairly fast.  The "ride" was awesome even Mama rode down much to the delightful laughter of the kids!

All in all a great afternoon in 100 degree heat!  The water comes from a spring and it is COLD.  So it felt great in the heat of the day.

The campground is priced a little high but it does provide safe and legal access to the creek so we paid it.  $5 for adults $3 for kids.  Everyone else there was very family friendly and there to enjoy the creek so we appreciated that atmosphere.
A good ride home.  Our middle kids.  Love this!

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