Blue Whale | Catoosa, OK

We had an afternoon free but it was overcast after a slight rain this morning and it had cooled off quite a bit for a July afternoon but we NEEDED to get out of the house.  Everyone needed to get out! We are all in better moods sometimes with some fresh air in our lungs.

One thing that has been on my list of places to see locally is the Blue Whale in Catoosa.  I've driven by it but never made a point to stop.  It is on the historic Route 66 drive and used to be a cooling off rest stop for travelers on their own cross country adventure.  I can't imagine Oklahoma heat in the summer in a car with out A/C but I'm sure this spot was a welcome sight in those days.
It is a large blue whale in a mid sized pond but very neat for the kids.  They quickly imagined they were Jonah in the Whale!  It is left basically how it was when it was used.  (no more swimming allowed) But the slides go right into the lake and the kids were ready to test them out!

Scary ladders and rickety floors made this quite an adventure to the top of the whale too! (probably more so for us parents!)

After about 10-15 minutes you would have found us doing what we do...looking for fish.  You can fish in the pond but alas we were without rods so they found some sand buckets and would have waded in if we didn't stop them.

All in all a fun landmark to visit!

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