2016 Vacation Road Trip | Day One | ATHENS, TX

Straight down to Texas for our first day and adventure.  We ended up in Athens, Texas at The Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center and spent the afternoon viewing their enormous pond/aquariums where they house the fresh water fishes that they stock in the rivers, lakes, and ponds in Texas.  We had watched a OETA show about this hatchery and all about Alligator Gar.  Luke got obsessed and every conversation had to do with the alligator gar!

 At the end of the tour they also have a stocked pond where we all got to do a little fishing.   They had the whole set up there for us with the rods and corn/stink bait.

Jack was the only one to pull in a big one this time and he was so proud of himself! It is his first Texas catfish!!

Tomorrow we on to Louisiana!

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