Celebrating Others

Every body has a story.  And for today a few of us got to celebrate a very special little girl who overcomes challenge after challenge thrown her way.  Today HOPE RAN A RACE!  And half of it was uphill!  We were so proud of her!

 "Put me down Daddy...let's Race again!"

Hope attends the School Happy Hands Education Center and they are such a blessing to hearing impaired children all over Tulsa.  This jog-a-thon was one of their fundraisers.  If you would like to find out more information about the school, donate to help a child attend, or even become a volunteer check out their website HERE.  http://www.happyhands.org

And just in case you want to see how much Hope has grown check this out from her one year photoshoot! http://www.juliedawkinsphotography.com/2013/08/hope-im-one.html

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