SDC | Silver Dollar City | Little Bits of Bravery

The last time we visited Silver Dollar City was two years ago.  It is always amazing to me how time can erase memories in little ones.  And at least with me dull memories that I wish would last forever.  This is one reason if not the biggest reasons I try to keep up with this blog in some sort of fashion is that I know that my mind won't always recall these times and even though the days seem long they are filled with goodness.

This trip was our first out as a family of 6.  It was a last minute decision to go.  Hotel rooms were scarce at least hotels with an INDOOR pool which is what I promised and that led to our most hilarious adventure of the whole trip!

We stayed at a place that online looked ideal.  But until you check in you  just never know and the unseen is what I always fear and this hotel did not disappoint.  This hotel was doing so well that they bought the hotel right next to them (down a hill) and renovated it and called it building #2.  They forgot to mention this part!  Building #2 had an OUTDOOR pool and well the weather that weekend was beyond chilly it was downright COLD!  We didn't bring extra footwear or coverups or extra jackets and I didn't want any of our clothes that we would be wearing to Silver Dollar City the next day to be wet or damp and I PROMISED we would swim.  So as quick as we could we jumped in the car (in only our swimsuits) and drove up the hill the building #1 jumped out and ran in.  The kids loved the pool and swimming as only kids can do because their brains are not fully developed.  But their lips didn't lie...they were blue and the kids were cold!  We got in too (make memories with your kids people say!) and immediately regretted our decision.  After Caroline was visibly shaking we said that is enough and made every one get out and cover in the tiny hotel pool towels.  You know when you know you are doing something really dumb you just can't help but to laugh uncontrollably ...well that was us laughing all the way back out in the drizzling cold to our car in just our swimsuits and tiny towels to drive back to building #2.  Thank goodness hotels don't run out of hot water because we all got showers to warm up!

The next morning we headed to Silver Dollar City and surprisingly even Luke could ride most of the rides the kids were brave enough to try.  The were all amazed like they had never set foot in this place before.  Caroline and Luke talked about the "creepy" guy in the jail for the rest of the weekend and we fully enjoyed the classics as well as the new firehouse rides.  Then the five year olds and Savannah went on one REAL rollercoaster with parents before it was time to leave for the day.

We left plenty to do for next time and had a great day!
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