Mountains and Valleys

Today I get to joy of sharing with you about my cousin in law.  And sweet lady friend who has an incredible heart to love others through her music.  Her name is Jordan, a Mama, a wife, an artist, and a songwriter.

Mountains and Valleys we have all been in both places and and the truth is to be in one you have to know the other.  They can't live separate and neither can we.  Jordan is in the middle of making her second album and I wanted to give all of you a chance to hear a clip and maybe help her finish it.

She has a kickstarter project going right now and she is closing in on her goal. The way kickstarter works is that she has to reach her goal by April 22nd or the funds are not given.  All of the options to give include either a download of the album or a physical CD and I for one can't wait to hear all of it.  For now here is a taste and her story of what this album will be made of.

Click here to Check out Mountains and Valleys!
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