I just don't go to this park alone.  Yes I know there is a gate that surrounds the majority of it.  Yes it is probably okay.  But four kids in four directions is just too much stress because it is big and awesome and THEY NEVER STAY TOGETHER!  So we go when we take Bebe (my mom).  My Mom is awesome and I hope one day to be the kind of Bebe she is.  She had a great teacher she learned from her Mom my Gammie.  At Gammie's funeral all the cousins quickly learned that we had each thought we were our Gammie's secret favorite.  And yet knowing her she loved us all with all her heart.  I'm sure this is what my kids think of their Bebe that they are the secret favorite grandchild because of course she would never say it out loud.

This day was full of climbing, hanging, sliding, climbing, jumping, and running (and yep I was right in four different directions!)
Then we took a short walk to explore the trail by the river.  This time the kids found odd and very large seed pods.  It is funny to me that things have to basically die and get disgusting before new life can emerge.  It's God way of doing things.  I still don't get it but he is very good at bringing life from the dead so I guess it's his way of showing it to us in nature and giving us hope for our own dead and disgusting places within our souls.  Lessons everywhere...didn't plan this one!

I want to see what these seeds become when the tree is alive and green and flourishing.  The kids opened all the pods they found and "planted" as many as they could.  Maybe they will take root and grow and maybe I'll find out what kind of tree it is one day.

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