Racing through the Woods

We meander a lot.  Actually always.  But all of a sudden Jack is into racing and I'm okay with it.  So when we went to our favorite nature trails we raced through them only stopping when we discovered something interesting.

See if you can spot Jack's new pose?  Heaven help me!
We also notably went without a stroller.  Everyone is walking and no one wants to ride these days.  Just the other day I was mentioning to someone how when we got Caroline she had to ride in a stroller because she didn't have the stamina to make it down the hotel hallways.  And now there is nothing holding her back.  We have a little fine tuning to do and she falls a lot.  But it doesn't seem to phase her she is doing it herself and is getting the cutest little muscles too.  They all ran to the football goal and back then to a soccer goal and then to a baseball backstop and back.  (They took great naps!!!)
I think you can see the "Mama made us do this pic" look in their eyes!

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