Animal Safari

Over Spring Break we took a few days to go up to the Springfield/Branson area.  On Friday we knew we would have some extra time to fill so as we approached Springfield I googled things for kids in Springfield and ran across this animal safari park.  It was a little pricey for a one time event (probably the same as a Branson show).  And I have to say during the "walk around" part we were regretting the money spent.  Maybe because it was cold and sprinkling or maybe because the place looked run down from winter and only a few of the cages were inhabited.

After spending as much time as possible walking around to stretch our legs and get our monies worth out of the exhibits we decided to take our own car to stay a little warmer through their safari drive.

This is where things changed...  all of a sudden we knew why they offered to sell us a 50 lb bag of feed.  The free range animals were everywhere and were used to being fed so they would come right up to the car...and stick their heads right in!

It was a dream come true for our animal loving little ones and we were even shrieking with delight while avoiding the long tongues that come with these beasts.

The drive is long and quite beautiful.  It is separated into a few different areas by cattle guards which is where you were greeted by the hungry animals welcoming you with their smelly breath.

I brought along my retired camera that I'm teaching Savannah to use and she got to photograph her favorites from her side of the car.  It is so fun to share my passions with her.

Out of everything we did this weekend this I think was the favorite.  And the event most talked about!

Just FYI make sure the "child safety" window lock is not on.  There were a few times I wanted to roll up my window and couldn't.  Nothing like a EMU eye level!  All I could think about was how quickly he could peck my eye out!

 Here are a few videos where you can really sense how close they were to us!  And why I was serious about their smelly breath!  These are the memories that we can't afford to forget!

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