They Grow..

There was a warm"ish" evening last week where if you were willing to run around you could be outside without a I was bundled up pretty good.  I've been noticing that my kids are growing and changing.  They seem a little taller and everyone's hair seemed a little longer.  And I just had a sense that time had passed.  So I went in and got the camera and thought I would capture them playing if they would let me.  One of the best gifts they ever received involved these bows and arrows.  They light up in the dark and make the best night game ever!  It's like chase, fetch, racing, tag, and challenge all wrapped into one awesome game.  Daylight they just shoot each other and since they don't have a lot of power yet it doesn't hurt too much.  But at night Mom and Dad shoot them on the golf course behind our house and they sail quite a distance and the race is on to collected the light up arrows.  Memories I hope to never forget!

Grant was at a "cute" disadvantage most of the afternoon. 
 We ended the night watching Hook with Robin Williams from the 90's with the kids.  They LOVED it.  Especially Luke who now regularly runs around shouting "Bang-a-rang" and "You, You, NOT you, Youuuuuuuu (in his scariest Hook voice)"

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