Q. What Did the Buck say to the Doe on Valentine's Day?

A. You're a Dear (Deer)!

All four of my kiddos came home with sacks filled to the brim with love, corny jokes, and candy this week.  To be honest I never know the "right" way to handle the insane amount of sugar whether it is Valentines or Halloween. So this year instead of storing it stale in the out of their reach cabinets I thought we would do something a little different...maybe crazy.
When Savannah got home from school we went through all of her love notes together opened a few fun candies and the sugar smells woke the rest and we dumped out all the valentines and they showed each other what they got and squealed and delighted by all the treats and fun "jokes".
Then the crazy part I let them eat candy!  Yep.  In 15 minutes they tasted most of treats.  A little bit of this and that and when it was time to clean up they were done.  All of it either eaten or tasted and then in the trash moving on to something else.  It was awesome.  No rationing out candy for weeks.  No begging "Mama PLLLLEEEAAASSEEEEEEE". No hoarding. No secret stealing candy out of the cabinets.
Just fun! Enjoyment of a short lived holiday and little candy induced silliness ;)

Comment below with your favorite Corny Valentine's Day joke :)

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