Photo credits by Savannah

I have a lot of "old" cameras.  They aren't really that old but for the past few years with the number of shutter clicks I use I only get about 2 years out of them before they get quirky.  Which is never good when shooting professionally nor does that make them good to sell in good conscience.  So my daughter inherits them.  She used to say she wanted to be a "tographer" when she grew up but now is exploring other ideas.  However, the other day she asked me if we could get our "her" camera. And I did a little lesson on the timer function since we were inside and had low light that day.  If she held it the shots were blurry from her lack of stillness.

She did her own posing and composing and we all benefited with a family activity and cute pictures to remember the day!

Maybe one day she'll be a "tographer" like me (a great extra job as a Mommy!) or just photograph her view of God's creation (people and places!)  Either way I'm so glad we get to share this!  All the pictures below she took except the selfie I took with my girls.
Her take on editing (all by herself!) is to add and remove things.  She wanted to make sure you were focused on the owl.
Not in focus but she had great composition!!!  And I loved C's smile!
A family picture worth keeping! She lined us all up and then jumped in the picture :)

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