Messy But Worth It

Friday was glorious.  Like the perfect dream temperature and not just for winter but the fact that it is still winter is amazing!  It may be premature but I put play sand in the sandbox!  Eeeek!  I just couldn't help myself.  The kids wanted to be outside and there it sat empty.  We really need a much bigger sandbox but this is joy for kids of all ages really.
The sand was wet too.  Exactly like the sand on the beach where the waves stretch to reach.  The perfect sand for Castles and Mountains for Handprints and Volcanos for digging and scooping and Name writing.  So sad that we won't be going to the beach this year due to Grant's vacation allotment in his new job.  But oh so thankful for that job!!!
Even though this was Caroline's first play in the sandbox she's been around dirt so her first idea was fill a hole in a boat and she was determined.  I wanted to make sandcastles for Jack to knock down.  But really her "job" worked on her OT skills.  And eventually after Jack and I built a few castles together she wanted in on the fun.  She did better making starfish.  And was amazed by her handprints.
One day girlie we will take you to the largest sandbox you could ever imagine!

 Anyone know a beach around here?  The one at Ft. Gibson is the only one I know of and it always seems closed lately. Comment below!
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