Wrapping All the Way

This is the musical that our kids have been working on diligently since September!  They did so great!  They did plays at the orphanage in China so Caroline was a pro on stage and never missed a beat.  She knew the tune to all the songs (not necessarily the words or the meaning of them). Of course she insisted on listening to the CD over and over again in the car every day every time she was in it.  I was about to loose my mind. Actually truth be told I might have lost my mind a few times!

The evening was cuteness deluxe!  A nod to Whoville and Christmas vomit and you got Toonville in all it's glory!  The last minute shoes put it over the top and everything was sugar plum spectacular!

My other two kiddos on stage provided some unintentional comic moments one deciding he was done and screaming at us over the music from the stage that he wanted dinner!  I guess we should have thought about a quick snack beforehand.  Ooops!

The other had a moment with her cousin over the pipe cleaner hair twisty that was aiming for her eye!  I wish I had caught the whole moment in focus but I was literally in tears from laughing so hard.  The best moments are always unplanned.

I don't think they will ever be traveling to Hollywood for work but they are precious to me and they will have the best memories from this sugary sweet show!  The following clips will be probably more for our personal memories unless you like home videos :)

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