An Everyday Person who led an Extraordinary Life

Coweta, Oklahoma not that big on the map really.  It's where my husband grew up and it has a lovely little downtown street. For most of us it is probably not where any one of us would choose two high schoolers to change the lives of people all over the world.  But God uses the least suspecting people who are willing to say yes and not look back to work for him. 

At age 89 a sweet soul went to heaven yesterday and the angels sang. I pass daily a mailbox with the name Bright on it always wondering if they are family and if they know Vonette and Bill and their friend Jesus. In Coweta I often take a "fast" road named after Bill Bright  and I wonder how many people know who he was. Two regular people who said yes. They were trusted with little and given much. They taught me about the Holy Spirit  and how he is the power source to do all God asks you to do. Then they taught me something that no math teacher could ever have taught me... The power of multiplication.  I was blessed to serve on staff as a part of their ministry called CRU from 2000-2007.  

 Both Vonette and Jesus got a really good Christmas gift this year.. A friend they know well. 

Vonette's story in her own words:

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