An Everyday Person who led an Extraordinary Life

Coweta, Oklahoma not that big on the map really.  It's where my husband grew up and it has a lovely little downtown street. For most of us it is probably not where any one of us would choose two high schoolers to change the lives of people all over the world.  But God uses the least suspecting people who are willing to say yes and not look back to work for him. 

At age 89 a sweet soul went to heaven yesterday and the angels sang. I pass daily a mailbox with the name Bright on it always wondering if they are family and if they know Vonette and Bill and their friend Jesus. In Coweta I often take a "fast" road named after Bill Bright  and I wonder how many people know who he was. Two regular people who said yes. They were trusted with little and given much. They taught me about the Holy Spirit  and how he is the power source to do all God asks you to do. Then they taught me something that no math teacher could ever have taught me... The power of multiplication.  I was blessed to serve on staff as a part of their ministry called CRU from 2000-2007.  

 Both Vonette and Jesus got a really good Christmas gift this year.. A friend they know well. 

Vonette's story in her own words:

Wrapping All the Way

This is the musical that our kids have been working on diligently since September!  They did so great!  They did plays at the orphanage in China so Caroline was a pro on stage and never missed a beat.  She knew the tune to all the songs (not necessarily the words or the meaning of them). Of course she insisted on listening to the CD over and over again in the car every day every time she was in it.  I was about to loose my mind. Actually truth be told I might have lost my mind a few times!

The evening was cuteness deluxe!  A nod to Whoville and Christmas vomit and you got Toonville in all it's glory!  The last minute shoes put it over the top and everything was sugar plum spectacular!

My other two kiddos on stage provided some unintentional comic moments one deciding he was done and screaming at us over the music from the stage that he wanted dinner!  I guess we should have thought about a quick snack beforehand.  Ooops!

The other had a moment with her cousin over the pipe cleaner hair twisty that was aiming for her eye!  I wish I had caught the whole moment in focus but I was literally in tears from laughing so hard.  The best moments are always unplanned.

I don't think they will ever be traveling to Hollywood for work but they are precious to me and they will have the best memories from this sugary sweet show!  The following clips will be probably more for our personal memories unless you like home videos :)

Yearly Getaway

Somethings remind me that we aren't fancy.  Our anniversary get away is one of those things.  We needed to get away from the house and from the kids to regain sanity and enjoy rest with each other.  Life is always busy and at times we feel like we are just surviving which will eventually run you dry of energy and joy.  We were able to persuade two sets of grandparents to take four kids each for a night while we drove as fast as we could across the border east to Arkansas.

It was a wonderful two days celebrating our 8th anniversary.  We watched a "grown up" movie and felt like we could converse with society again over the latest James Bond movie.

One of the days we drove to Prairie Grove and toured the Battlefield in that area.  It is hard to be grateful for what you have now unless you know a little about the past and the sacrifices those people made and what "hard work" actually looked like.   Hundreds on men died on the field just down this path during the civil war.  Real men with real families.
Praire Grove Battlefield
Praire Grove Battlefield
Praire Grove Battlefield
Praire Grove Battlefield
Praire Grove Battlefield

After touring the battlefield we went downtown Prairie Grove to all the antique stores.  So much to look at and enjoy.  This store was our favorite. It went on forever and ever. We happened to be there on customer appreciation day where all the shops downtown were giving out free holiday food.  It was an amazing bonus!!!
Prairie Grove Antique Stores
Before leaving the area we stopped by Appleown Fruit Stand.  It was the end of the season and they were almost out of supplies.  But it is a place that could tell stories and holds memories.  Grant remembers coming here with his grandparents on foliage drives.  To him it was sad.  Old towns die and memories fade but I enjoy hearing his stories since I never had the chance to meet his grandparents he loved so dearly.
 Cracker Barrel is our vacation restaurant we only eat there on trips so it stays special and the kids love it too.  Lots to look at and games to play on the table as well as lots of background noise so our family never sticks out.  It's perfect.

 On our way home we stopped by Siloam Springs.  They have a beautiful downtown perfect for fall pictures if you have a photographer.  Maybe one day I'll hire one for our family for now the timer worked ok ... a tripod would have been nice.
Siloam Springs Arkansas downtown in fall
Siloam Springs Arkansas downtown in fall
Siloam Springs Arkansas downtown in fall

Until next fall....

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