Orphan Sunday

Orphan No More... here is a our girl in all her spunkiness!  
Adoption Fund Opportunity
On our journey to Caroline we found a wonderful church who has a heart for the least of these.  Council Road Baptist Church in OKC and they have a fund called the Karis Fund in which they help people with their adoption both internationally and locally.  They were a joy to work with and even though we have never met them in person they too are a part of Caroline's story.  People of God who have chosen to make a difference in a child's life for the Kingdom of God.

They have truly been a blessing to us.  This week they asked for a picture and a quote in 25 words or less that they could share with their congregation on Orphan Sunday.

Here is the picture they chose and the quote I gave.

Adoption Fund Opportunity

“We didn’t dream of adoption, but when God said US we said YES. God blesses obedience and what a beautiful blessing we’ve been given.” The Dawkins Family

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