Birthday Dreams Come True

This year our newly seven year old wanted more than anything to have horseback riding lessons for her birthday.  I thought this was a great idea and for years she will remember what she got as a gift because it is tied to a memory.  

Before her birthday I researched area stables around the Tulsa area and found one I liked KJM stables.  Lessons there start at age 7 so there must be a reason 7 is the magical horse year :)
KJM stables are located on Sheridan between 101st and 91st in South Tulsa.  We actually used to live in the neighborhood right behind the stables and I used to walk Savannah by in her stroller to see the horses through the gate.  It's amazing to me that she is now riding one of those horses! For two reasons really the first being that she is old enough (7 years goes by fast!) and the second is that we can afford it.  I look back on that time when every dollar was budgeted, Aldi's was our store and Walmart was a luxury but God has blessed us beyond our dreams and I want to give a shout out to Him of thanksgiving for provisions in our lives.

I'm sure we are a sight to see anytime we leave the house.  But neither Grant nor I wanted to miss the first horse back lesson so all 6 of us went.  
Thankfully the largest sandpit ever entertained the other three while our oldest daughter learned what it is like to really ride a horse.

The first thing they did was a little horse grooming and finding a helmet, saddle, and other horse related things out of the tack rooms.
I just LOVE her tiny smile in this picture!  Full of nervous excitement!
 I'm not really sure what I expected but the instructor was excellent and patient with Savannah.  She told her a few things and then off she was (inside the corral) on her own putting those things into action.  She learned to go around in a circle, change direction, stop and start, and even walk backwards!  All this and she never said a word (just a click) just soaking it all in.  
Side note little girl has hair long enough for pig tails!!!!  I'm not sure what to do with the bangs yet.
After an afternoon nap she woke up saying that was the best dream EVER!  So sweet.  She dreamed of Casper her horse and her awesome adventure.  She may have never said a word there but I knew it was a memory dreams are made of!

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