Got Coats?

I am starting an advertising area on this blog.  But instead of just showing what Google thinks you might want to buy I want to offer anyone who reads this blog (still can't believe y'all read this!) a chance to make a difference, to get involved, to feel the joy of serving and giving.

BrightSpot Mobile Family Services
So first up....

Bright Spot Mobile Family Services
I know the peeps that started this when it was totally grass roots and it was a dream placed in their hearts to serve those that need serving.  To be there for those that were in need.  I knew them when they went against the grain of safe.  I saw them learn names of people they would never have met if they weren't intentional about going.  I've seen food made and bellies filled.  I've seen kids clothed.  I've seen tears of joy and tears of sadness shared with these people who now have names we know.

It takes a calling.

It takes a brave step in their direction.

It takes sacrifice.

Bright Spot Mobile Family Services

But the reward is fulfilling.  No group or person can meet the needs of everyone.  But you can meet the needs of someone.

In this case the someone is a child.  Hungry.  Without coats and blankets.   In TULSA.

The grass roots is now official.  It is called Bright Spot.  They have two buses one for clothes and one for food.  They go to the kids in need.  The apartments where they live.

There are two ways to help maybe three.

1. Collect items (include your kids in the collecting activity) to give to Bright Spot.  Currently they are collecting Peanut Butter and Jelly and Coats and several more things.  Click here right down what you can gather and be intentional.

2. Serve.  Go with them to meet people you would never cross paths with.  Learn names.  Take your kids. (They have listed on their webpage the minimum age allowed for different locations.)

3.  Give.  They have an event coming up the evening of  November 7th.  It's called Gourmet on the Farm.  Haven't you always wanted to have a date night under the stars?  This is your chance.  Buy tickets.  Surprise your spouse. Have fun and be apart of helping kids.  Do it now before you forget!  Click HERE.   (I'll be there so come say hello!)

Will you please share this post so more people and families can learn about BrightSpot and how they can get involved? Thanks!!!

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