A Trip to the Hospital

Having your 4th baby makes the trip to have the baby at the hospital something like a vacation.  Only one child, lots of people taking care of your every need, catching up on shows you don't dare watch in front of the toddlers who repeat every word at home.  This restful peaceful experience was rudely interrupted when my sister and I decided we should take all our littles up to meet the newest friend in the nursery.

Can you imagine?  We thought they would never let us past the check in desk!

Ms. Ila is also Caroline's preschool teacher so it was a life lesson with babies in the tummy and now out.  (She thought we were CRAZY when we told her she had a baby in her belly! In fact she said "Naaaooooooo") I guess she thought babies just showed up which makes sense in orphanage life.

We promised we didn't stay long as we herded our littles off Ms. Ila's bed the 8 minutes we were with her. But she was so sweet despite needing to feed her little one.

A few days later I got to photograph a few pictures of her little guy.  Isn't he a doll???  Love all that hair!

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