A Family Made of Love

From a family of 6 to a family of 9 a lot has changed over the years.

I got an email from a friend that asked if I was up to doing their family photos again this year.  This is one of my very first clients that entrusted their memories with me and so much has changed since our first year together.
The Shasteen family has made the world of adoption open up in front of our eyes and we have seen their beautiful family grow in size and in love.  They are also one of the families we reached out to when we were starting down the adoption road for advice and encouragement.

No new faces were added this year but a lot of inches were. These kids are growing fast and tall!
These two have a great story and you can read more about their cochlear implants here and see a short video clip too.  But really these two ooze happy!

The brothers are crazy but respectful.  They are all boy!  And I wouldn't want to capture it any other way.
This one reminds me so much of Jack in so many ways!  The smile and the attitude.

 I looked but couldn't find the first year I photographed them but I did find the second year.  Check it out!

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