I Am Special

I'm not often one to boast of my specialness.  I mainly think I'm just getting by in life.  But then someone thinks enough of me to make an intentional trip to see me and well you might as well as get my signature I feel so special.

This week I got to spend about 2.5 hours of good girl talk with someone who gets me at this stage in my life.  I met this friend half way around the globe as we were boarding a bus headed to the Beijing airport only to seperate an hour later to bring home girls not born to us to be our daughters.   I just knew I liked her.  We were both on an adventure of a lifetime.  

Our Chinese princesses both have the middle name JOY.  They are both spunky and special all in their own right.

Adoption is beautiful and needed but it is also HARD.  Hard in ways you don't imagine.  And I'm am so blessed God gave me a friend to walk this road with.  A sounding board with a gentle ear and a truthful tongue.

I am so blessed.  I am so special.  God cares about me.

Our families reunited in Guangzhou. Scared. Tired. Exhausted.  (Both the girls and us!)
Noodle Restaurant Guangzhou China next to China Marriott - Adoption
In case you are staying the China Marriott in Guangzhou this is "the" noodle restaurant. Past the 7-11 and museum and you don't have to go "under" to cross the street.  They have pictures on the menu.  You just point and order.  But no bathroom.  See post here about that!

Our girls this week. Happy.  Loved. Attached to their Mamas!  Home 4 months :)
Girls adopted internationally from China
Hug is more like a choke hold...oops!

I still like using my camera...

This week I have totally fell behind on blogging and it's not because I've been lacking in activity but instead agreed to do a few photoshoots for friends.  Apparently it just goes to show that I can't edit and blog at the same time!

Oh well.  It was good to be behind the camera again though.

Here are a few of the cutie pies I got to see again:

A Little Adventure Night

The weather was gorgeous.  It begged us outside!  We packed the car with kids and googled this pumpkin patch in Sand Springs that I had heard great things about and we headed that way.  I am convinced there was a faster way to get there but none as lovely as the back roads and gravel paths we ventured down that night.   Yes there may be tiny whiny voices saying "Are we there yet?" and "Are we lost?" But that drive was almost like a dream.   It is so refreshing to just go and be with the one you love enjoying the journey without a hurry in the world!
Pleasant Valley Farms Pumpkin Patch

Pleasant Valley Farms Pumpkin Patch

We finally let the kids out of the car and they went running.  The Pleasant Valley Pumpkin Patch is off the beaten path and is excellent for family pictures with several different setups available.  I loved that the pumpkins were on the ground and you didn't have to sit on hay bales!  I love seeing the ratio of child to pumpkin changing from year to year.
Pleasant Valley Farms Pumpkin Patch

Pleasant Valley Farms Pumpkin Patch

Pleasant Valley Farms Pumpkin Patch

Pleasant Valley Farms Pumpkin Patch

This place was awesome!  All new things to explore and it is free to get in with a few charges for things like the pumpkin cannon and the hayride (which was like 20 minutes long!)
Pleasant Valley Farms Pumpkin Patch

Pleasant Valley Farms Pumpkin Patch
Pleasant Valley Farms Pumpkin Patch
Pleasant Valley Farms Pumpkin Patch
Pleasant Valley Farms Pumpkin Patch

They also had duck races (our kids favorites!!!)  
Pleasant Valley Farms Pumpkin Patch
Pleasant Valley Farms Pumpkin Patch

and a pumpkin cannon ( I never did see where it went but it was loud!)  Petting pumpkins and animals and a ride on the hay it was a great evening together!!  We will be back next year it was worth the drive! 
Pleasant Valley Farms Pumpkin Patch
Pleasant Valley Farms Pumpkin Patch

Got Coats?

I am starting an advertising area on this blog.  But instead of just showing what Google thinks you might want to buy I want to offer anyone who reads this blog (still can't believe y'all read this!) a chance to make a difference, to get involved, to feel the joy of serving and giving.

BrightSpot Mobile Family Services
So first up....

Bright Spot Mobile Family Services
I know the peeps that started this when it was totally grass roots and it was a dream placed in their hearts to serve those that need serving.  To be there for those that were in need.  I knew them when they went against the grain of safe.  I saw them learn names of people they would never have met if they weren't intentional about going.  I've seen food made and bellies filled.  I've seen kids clothed.  I've seen tears of joy and tears of sadness shared with these people who now have names we know.

It takes a calling.

It takes a brave step in their direction.

It takes sacrifice.

Bright Spot Mobile Family Services

But the reward is fulfilling.  No group or person can meet the needs of everyone.  But you can meet the needs of someone.

In this case the someone is a child.  Hungry.  Without coats and blankets.   In TULSA.

The grass roots is now official.  It is called Bright Spot.  They have two buses one for clothes and one for food.  They go to the kids in need.  The apartments where they live.

There are two ways to help maybe three.

1. Collect items (include your kids in the collecting activity) to give to Bright Spot.  Currently they are collecting Peanut Butter and Jelly and Coats and several more things.  Click here right down what you can gather and be intentional.

2. Serve.  Go with them to meet people you would never cross paths with.  Learn names.  Take your kids. (They have listed on their webpage the minimum age allowed for different locations.)

3.  Give.  They have an event coming up the evening of  November 7th.  It's called Gourmet on the Farm.  Haven't you always wanted to have a date night under the stars?  This is your chance.  Buy tickets.  Surprise your spouse. Have fun and be apart of helping kids.  Do it now before you forget!  Click HERE.   (I'll be there so come say hello!)

Will you please share this post so more people and families can learn about BrightSpot and how they can get involved? Thanks!!!

That was so much fun!...Let's do it again!

I love the fair!  I have said this before but it is worth repeating so we went again just so I can say that once again.  I LOVE the fair!  I don't love the crowds, or the flesh exposed everywhere, or the spicy language, or the smoke.  
But I do love the thrill of excitement and joy on my kids faces!  I love that they appreciate the lights and the music.  I loved seeing Jack "bang" his head up and down to music he's never heard before but knew just what to do.  I loved seeing the kids conquer fears and sharing laughs with their best friends, their cousins.  And I love that the fair is the epic introduction to fall! 

My niece Avery back flipped and flipped and flipped...just like her Mama!

Shaky bridge...OK!  The girl amazes me with her fearlessness!
Grant the token adult to this crazy 7 kids! 

 Just like Luke to come down backwards!

The oddest sight in the whole fair might just be this one.  Prayed that He would be used by God that night to comfort someone in that crowd.  Who knew the Fair had a chaplain?  They hid him in the back near the port potties and the kiddie rides.

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