The Long Black Tongue

If you ask Caroline about a giraffe her description is not to stretch out her is to stick her tongue out as far as it can go.  I don't think she even saw the giraffe's neck at all.

My mom and I went to the zoo a little while ago with the two little ones while the big two were in school.  Apparently we went on an "enrichment" day because we were given the $4 option to feed the giraffes.  This is one they can share and we get to watch all for $4.

Caroline has fed a giraffe at the Safari Park in China but I don't think she remembers that.  I barely do!

This time they both did great although still a little nervous.

The sea lions were busy swimming too!  They all have interesting stories as they were rescued from California after some shark attacks. They were all about asking about one of their "boo-boos".

Lastly,  the ducks and turtles were RIGHT there for feeding.  The zoo is doing some updating so next time you go make sure to bring quarters!  You can feed the ducks and turtles now.
Then we saw this little guy with the super long neck.  It is called a snake neck turtle we backed off at this point a little unsure of his disposition.

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