Prayer of Gratefulness

Friday morning Grant woke up and said let's go to OKC tonight.  We are not that spontaneous so this was surprising.  Grant had one goal this fall and that was to see his oldest niece, a senior, do her drum major thing.  He was afraid we would miss it if we waited too long to go and see her.

A little packing and a few phone calls later and we had a plan in place.  How fun to get out of town for a night!  After school and work we got in the car and started driving.  The plan was to stop at the McDonald's on the turnpike for dinner for chicken nuggets in the car and we should make it to the game with a few minutes to spare before it started.
Accident on the Turner Turnpike West bound
Dinner was ordered and handed out then we were off and stopped.  A car pulled out in front of us and for no apparent reason blocked us from going for 3 minutes or so.  At the time it was annoying.  But we had some extra time and we were in a good mood.  I casually mentioned that maybe God was keeping us from being in a wreck or something.

Fifteen minutes later on the turnpike going 75 or a little more we came to an abrupt stop.  The kind where wheels squeal and chicken nuggets go flying. We noticed a sign that said construction ahead.  But it wasn't the construction that stop us.

It's never a good sign when people are standing on the highway and groups of truckers are walking up the road.
Two semis wrecked and rolled over and toilet paper was scattered everywhere.  They were only about a quarter of a mile ahead of where we stopped or about 3-5 minutes ahead of where we should have been if that annoying car hadn't blocked us in at McDonalds.  I don't know for sure we would have been in the middle of those two semis but I'm thankful and grateful that we were not.  We got to pray as a family for God's protection over our family and for the truck drivers who were probably injured.

We made it to the stadium with 2 minutes to spare as the Deer Creek Band took the field at half time.  Sydney did great!!!  We are so proud of her!
Deer Creek Marching Band

Deer Creek Marching Band

These three are a mess and loved listening to Sydney's band! Oh and Savvy's glass are purely fashion.

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