Much to do about Mulch

We found mulch awesomeness!! I'm so excited because it's FREE!! We are going to re-mulch everything now! We skipped it last year as we saved money for Caroline's adoption and then this year Grants job hasn't been super secure after the layoff. Although that should be changing this month with a full time position with benefits in the works! (PRAISE JESUS!!!!!)

So we NEED mulch in a bad way! And the weeds are taking advantage of us and showing off! 

We went to the Tulsa City mulch site. We asked for the Fine mulch and they send you to a big pile. Just wait and they bring a huge tractor and dump a load in your truck or trailer. The kids loved it!!!
Free Mulch Tulsa OK
Free Mulch Tulsa OK

A tarp helps cover it to keep it in your trailer and then helps keep it off the grass when you are unloading.
Free Mulch Tulsa OK
Free Mulch Tulsa OK
Things to make the job waaaay easier:
MUCK rake/Bedding Rake.  (TractorSupply or Lowes carry them! These are worth the money!!! They look like a pitch fork but tines are closer together)

Things to not use:
Shovel seriously get the muck rake...after all the mulch is free!
Kids with Buckets

The mulch site has moved in the past so make sure to check their website for the current location.

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