Red Bud Valley Nature Perserve

Hiking with Kids in Caves
Have you made a plan for your weekend yet? This is a great little spot not too far out of Tulsa in Catoosa.  The Red Bud Valley Nature Perserve is open Wednesday through Sunday for your enjoyment starting at 8am.  We made it shortly after 8am and though we never saw another human we knew they were there by the cars in the parking lot already.  However, I am sure that they heard us.  We have a long ways to go before they "walk quietly" and to actually see any wildlife that may be around.
Hiking with Kids in Redbud Valley

Hiking with Kids in Redbud Valley Nature Perserve

Hiking with Kids

This was our first attempt at a real hike.  And we braved it with the two little ones out of the stroller.  Strollers won't make it on this hike.  We did think about a backpack carrier towards the end of the hike though...but not much good did that did us!
Hiking with kids on Rocks

Sycamore tree roots in Redbud Valley

Nature Hike with Kids

Luke is 2 1/2 years old and despite his "I do it" attitude he was exhausted by the end of the hike.  It is a  lot of climbing up, down, and around rocks but very easily done by our 5 and 6 year old.
Hiking with kids around Caves

Exploring Caves with kids
Savannah and her Dad exploring a cave together.

The Persimmon Perch

Hiking in Redbud Valley Nature Perserve

Exploring Caves with Kids
Jack's turn to explore a cave.  I think a water comes out of this one at a different time of year.

We had seen a few pictures online but until you see the Bluffs and Caverns in person do you really appreciate this hike.  The kids were so excited when the path turned from forrest to all rocks and then this masterpiece unfolded.  I'm so thankful that places like this are preserved and are available for enjoying.

Oklahoma wildflower purple
Comment below if you know the name of this wildflower!
Oklahoma Hiking

The Persimmon Perch
Used the timer... at least we are all in it!
Oklahoma Caves

We had a few fears about bats and monsters but overall lots of squeals and "look at this".  And admittedly a lot of them were from Grant and I.  :)

Grant mentioned that we should definitely do this hike again in the fall as a lot of the trees are maples and will be really colorful.  (As a photographer who marks fall foliage for family pictures in our area this usually occurs around the first week in November.)

Things to pack in your backpack if you head to Red Bud Valley:
Small Snack (the best pick me up to keep little ones going)
Print out or take a phone pic of this map (Click Here)

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