Party in the Pool

There is something about swimming in a cool pool when it is near 100 degrees.  There is something even better about it when your cousins and grandparents jump in with you.  From being thrown high in the air to keep away with G's hat.  Fun is had by all!

Our littlest girlie is all about "swim swim" and just squeals with delight when we pull up to Bebe and G's house.  

I can't believe August is already here and these summer memories will be ending soon.  Every year summer seems to be passing a little more quickly.  I'm sure it's because June was spent mostly in China or recovering so I'm determined to make the most out of the few weeks we have left before school starts.

What is your one thing or place that you do or go during summer break that is a must???  Leave a comment below so I can keep track of them.    Savannah's new favorite line every morning is "What's our great adventure today Mama?"

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