Liberty Trail

I finally looked up the name of the bike trail that we have been walking/riding on.  It is named Liberty.  I like it but all of the other trails are named for the nearby Roadways (i.e. Mingo Trail, Riverside Trail, etc.)  but alas we have conquered another mile stretch there and back.  We were rewarded by a new underpass to explore.  This one even higher than the last which made me uneasy about things.
"Master live locust catcher"
I'm trying to let this boy of mine do "daring" boy stuff and conquer fears and the unknown.  I thought this one was safe but still gave me butterflies.
Look I can lift the bridge Mom!
We are new to all this walking and hiking and there is still one mystery I haven't figured out.  The potty and poop.  I live in tiny kid ville. And although 3 out of the 4 are potty trained during the day all the exercise has increased the "need".  Caroline finally just jumped out of the stroller after 5 minutes of squirming that lead to kicking that lead to her saying "Potty Here" while pointing to the grass.  We were a mile away from the car at that point and she has the squatty potty thing mastered so ....  The other kid I threatened with putting a diaper on him so he could poop after finding him pants down after rounding the corner.  The diaper threat did the job to get him home first thankfully.  So any tips Moms with how to handle the need when it arises and you are NO where near the car???  We go before we leave the house too!
Along the way this time we did notice this new to me plant/flower.  Any ideas of what it might be?

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