During the summer we have been searching for fun places to play and one day last week my sister and I thought of the "perfect" place....the school playground.  They are never busy during the summer and I think they are forgotten about in lieu of popular parks.  I checked our school districts website just to be sure and it is permissible to play there when a school function is not taking place.  Our school district has lots of elementary schools and most seem to have different playground equipment on each campus.
Off to the Races!  These two must have done this 5 times.
That girl in purple with the most beautiful smile is our tour guide :)

It was HOT the day we went and we were thankful we brought water bottles and we stayed until someone had to poop...

Best buddies and cousins!
 This is Spring Creek Elementary Playground in Broken Arrow, Ok.  One of my kiddos goes to this school but her cousins go across town so everything was new to them and my little girl felt special as she showed everyone around "her" school.  One other great thing about school playgrounds is that they come with fences for containment.  Just keep an eye on the gate and we have it made!
Before we left I had one of the kids take my picture with my sister...we don't have many adult pictures of us together.  I'm trying to do better about handing the camera over.

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