A Walk to Remember

This photographer has taken many many many pictures for other families through the years and now I finally FINALLY have one perfect one for my wall!!!  I actually love the everyday bright colors they are wearing too! 
We headed out to a nearby nature park for our hike/stroller ride for the morning while it was still cool out. To be honest I jumped on the band wagon and got one of those fitbit things in hopes it will increase my desire to exercise.  Believe it or not there is such a thing as adoption weight!  And it needs to come off to keep up with these kiddos!
  After the walk they paused just long enough to take a few pictures together.  This little miss has learned a few words...All Done???  And after a few clicks she was using it a lot.  She was ready to go play with the others.  

I can do what you can do!

 On our walk we saw a turtle and a few lessons of different kinds of trees and leaves.  Also we learned that our oldest daughter can read anything "What does F... You mean Mama?"  Why oh Why did she have to learn to read!!!  

 Then the kids found the best hide in seek bushes EVER!!!    It is similar to a corn maze.  I think a great game of Marco Polo should be played there one day!

Leaf as big as his head!!

I now have the picture I was hoping for to go in the girl's room!  LOVE it!!!  

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