This is a big world!!! I know since China is half way around it and it took FOREVER to get home.

Caroline didn't sleep at all on the way from Hong  Kong to Seattle  and had a few fits. It is really hard to explain that we aren't going to be confined like this forever. Or that the plane is not her new home. The added fact that we sat RIGHT in front of the bathrooms didn't help either. People were coming and going and congregating by our seats; add in the sound of a vacuum flush every 3 minutes and you can just envision our 13 hour flight!!! 

Caroline became a U.S. Citizen when the plane touched down which was an awesome moment!!! 

We had to go through customs since Caroline came home on an immigrant visa so one lady told us to get in this VERY long non-moving line with all the foreigners.  About 15 mins later this really official looking guy walked by and I made eye contact and held up this large brown envelope we were told to NOT open no matter what. I was hoping he would rescue us.  Thankfully he came straight over opening the ropes to set us free and took us over to a special area where they handle the adoption papers.  By the time we finished processing her paperwork, going through customs, and back through security we got to our gate for our next flight just in time to board and we were off again! 

We made it home to rain in Tulsa around 10 pm. Caroline was dead asleep after being awake for basically 24 hrs straight.  After we deplaned and I took her to the bathroom to try to wake her up to meet her siblings and family. She woke up happy as she usually does. We made it through the doors to an awesome greeting of family and friends. 

We couldn't wait to see the kids and they came running. It was a great reunion Caroline hugged each one of her siblings and each of the kids and cousins made signs which added to the homecoming celebration. 

The six of us rode home together and finally our little covey, as Grant calls our family, was together as it should be.  
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