Day Three: Family Day

Day Three: Family Day

We only had two things we had to do today the first was exchange a large sum of cash into Chinese Yuan. We did that right after breakfast and then took it back to the safe in the room. 

Then we had to wait. Since it takes 8 hours for Caroline to get here we had to wait until 2:30 to see her. I nervously packed her backpack with fun things to help woo her to us. And two water bottles in the case she was thirsty it is so hot here!!! 

Finally it was time to wait for our guide in the lobby. We were a mess with nervous excitement for the next hour. Helen our guide showed up and we were off in a van down busy streets weaving our way in and out of traffic. No one uses a turn signal you just cut people off to get where you want to go this applies to walking as well.  This city has 13 million people in it a reminds me of New York City on steroids! After arriving somehow at the civil affairs office we walked in filled out some paperwork and were told she wasn't there yet. We watched several other families get there babies and I was on the verge of tears. 

Then a familiar dress entered the room and caught my attention it was Caroline and she was beautiful . As soon as we said there she is she was gone to a back room for her nanny to fill out some paperwork. 

Within minutes she was brought out to us and sat down next to us. Grant gave her a pink sucker which she quickly grabbed and I gave her a water bottle which she downed almost completely.  Grant was called to fill out some paperwork and I stayed with her on my lap and tried out a few selfies! 

Grant came back off we went with no time to spare. The other families were getting their babies and the crying was escalating making Caroline nervous about us and what was going on. 

We went back to the hotel and ate an early dinner this girl can eat!!! She prefers noodles and veggies.  
Afterwards we braved taking off her clothes and putting on her swimsuit and trying out the pool.  She doesn't have much fear which could be good or bad. We taught her to splash and eventually to kick her feet to make big splashes. 

Bath time was easy although I think it was her first bath in a tub. The bath toys helped and it warmed her up from the pool.

The yawns quickly started as we put on her jammies and tucked her into bed. We read to her a Bible story and sang her Jesus Loves Me and Amazing Grace. Sleep came quick and hard. We could barely wake her for breakfast!

We just love her! She is quite spunky and independent.  She likes to be silly with Daddy and snuggle with Mama when she's sleeping other wise she is all about Daddy! You can tell she's never really been held though her arms go straight up when you pick her up and she doesn't hold on. That will change I'm sure as we plan on giving her plenty of chances to practice!

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