Day Six: Medical Check

We had to wake our sleeping beauty once again this morning. I'm not sure how much sleep she requires as she has yet to wake on her own yet. We ate an early breakfast at the hotel which we gorge as much as possible because we are really only eating twice a day with mid day snacks and naps.

The medical place is next to the consulate and the health check consisted of height, weight, overall general look over topped off by a TB blood draw which ended in tears. 

We couldn't go in with her but at least we got to comfort her afterwards.  This was only the second time we have heard her cry. We think she stuffs pain and hurt and sadness. When she falls she doesn't cry. When's she is mad at us her whole body goes limp, she refuses to look at us, and retreats somewhere deep inside. Thankfully we aren't first time parents and know this is her version of a fit. But it shows the self protection she has had to build up over her little life. We just hold her tight (she hates that) which lately brings tears and I rock her until she calms a little usually humming Amazing Grace.

If her TB test comes back clear we will go to the consulate for an interview appointment on Monday and get her visa on Tuesday and head home. This is IF the computer issue in the states is fixed by then. We love our China girl but would rather not stay in China any longer than necessary.   

McDonalds for lunch and nap time.
We woke up to a rainy afternoon so we played with bubbles and catch with a light up ball practicing 1,2,3 throw. By the way she has a great arm but we have a ways to go with catching.

The rain didn't stop so we ordered pizza from Papa Johns. There were 30 things on the menu but pepperoni was not one of them but shrimp and peas was an option. Thankfully the concierge helped me out.

I thought I would end today's post by telling you a few things we have learned about our daughter.  Caroline is over 1 meter tall but is stick thin you can see every rib bone and hip bones.  She eats almost everything but bread is not her favorite and she is not a fan of bacon at all. 

She is one extremely sharp and smart girlie. She speaks both Mandarin and Shantonese her local dialect.  She has also picked up quite a few English words quickly and enjoys using them with every one. 

She loves everyone and is not shy at all. In fact she isn't scared of anyone either. This is something we will have to work on. At this time she would go off with anyone ... In a heartbeat.  Part of our adoption training we learned the differences between bonding and attaching. We would say she is bonding but not even close to attaching to us. 

She is beautiful, stubborn, smart, strong willed, super spunky, sweet and loving. We adore her and can't wait to get her home! We are missing our other kids badly! We face time with them in the morning and at night. We are 13 hours ahead of Oklahoma.  Caroline loves talking with her siblings on FaceTime and gets her picture book we sent her and finds their picture while we talk to them. I can't wait to see them all together!

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