Day One Journey to Caroline

I'm not exactly sure where day one begins and ends as we travel from Tulsa to Beijing but we are excited to be on our way! God has been sweet to provide little glimpses of our future as we wait with expectant hearts for our little love! On the first flight a little Asian boy about 4 sat with his mom across from us and sang songs the whole way to Minneapolis and not one word did we understand! But loved it! 

As we became the minority boarding the flight from Seattle to Beijing we boarded right behind a couple and their adopted daughter, now 12, she was so excited and was just gushing to her parents.  That gave us a glimpse of our future with our little princess. 

We are catching up on our movies on this international flight. We have now watched more movies then I think we have our entire married life together :)
Just when you think you are there!
At least someone got some sleepšŸ˜“

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