Day Nine: Day of Touring

It was a great day with new friends from our adoption agency and all of our kiddos.  

We started the day visiting a building from the 1880's I think. It was made in the years of the last dynasty.
I think they worshiped there as well. All I know is that I wasn't as super impressed as our guide wanted us to be. It had several rooms filled with art from around the area and although it was very we done the art was made between 1980-2011. For such an "old" building I expected "old" art to be on display. We bought a few goodies from the gift shop though.

After lunch we went and toured Shamian Island where all of the adoptions used to take place up until 4 years ago when the hotel there went under extensive construction. It was colonized by the British and French and looks very much like New Orleans architecture.  We took a few pictures with the statues and then enjoyed people watching. We saw a few people swimming  and fishing in the big Pearl River. Really Gross and what looks extremely dangerous!! At least they tied big buoys to themselves I guess so they can find their bodies if they drown!

As we were leaving Grant became famous with some Chinese teens wanting a group photo with a English white guy!! They even asked for his autograph!

We finished the night with dinner with some of our new friends at a local noodle restaurant.
Caroline asked to go to the bathroom and the waitress said take her to the street and squat! Um No!! Thankfully she held it until we got back to the hotel. 

In the morning we head to the U.S. Consulate to check her TB results and have an interview of some kind do they can issue her visa hopefully within 24 hrs!!!
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