Day Four: It's Official

Day Four: It's Official! She is ours in the eyes of China!

We woke up this morning and got ready and Caroline didn't stir a bit! She was out but we finally got her eyes open and she was ok with us still being there so I guess that is a good thing.

After breakfast of noodles, fruit, and congee (kind of runny oatmeal) I had "western food" we went back to the place we got her at and did an interview there saying we were pleased with her and wouldn't abandon her then we went to the notary (like a Supreme Court justice) and made the same oath official there and that was it! She is now ours on the sight of China. 

We had some extra time this morning and went to the wholesale market and bought both Caroline  and Savannah pearl necklaces that will be a gift for their weddings one day (way way in the future). The pearls were made in the Pearl River right here in Guangzhou.  
We found a few more souvenirs and then came home for a little nap. Our girl had had enough and was beginning to show it!

Today she tolerates me and adores her Daddy.  I'm ok with that.
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