Day Eight: The Safari Park

Grant woke up in the night feeling not so great. Not sure if we over did it yesterday at the park and he got dehydrated or if he caught a cold of sorts. Either way not fun.

We had already made all the arrangements for the zoo so we went.
The first half is riding in a tram to see the animals then you walk around to see others.
 I'm not sure what Caroline thought she had a stoic face much of the time.

On the car ride over which took about an hour she got really quiet and nervous. It's hard that we can't explain that we are going somewhere fun. Not for another TB shot or back to the orphanage. For her every car trip is a guessing game with a new surprise ending. 

Grant said the tram ride reminded him of Jurassic Park. The animals appeared to be free range though I'm sure they weren't. After the tram we walked quite a bit and drank a ton of water! Which meant Caroline and I had to use one of these... Quite the experience! 
The Squatty Potty! 

To cool down some we all had an ice cream cone. It is fun to teach her all of these new things kids take for granted. She doesn't like to get messy at all. We clean her hands at least 10 times during every meal.

On the way home from the zoo our van driver who doesn't speak English must have had something grand for lunch because he burped out loud the entire hour home! Not kidding you almost every breath he took resulted in a burp we thought we would never get home! 

Tonight the plan is to take it easy and maybe order another pizza and swim and maybe take some Benadryl to help Grant get a good nights rest. 

On the positive side of the day we came in the lobby of the hotel with a group of families headed to the airport because they got their child's visas!! One Mom said the consulate  expedited those who had been waiting days but wouldn't promise anything going forward.  So there is hope!!! We go for our consulate interview on Monday and planned to drive to Hong Kong Tuesday night to fly home Wednesday early morning if the visas keep coming!

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