Mary the Mother of Jesus

As of lately I haven't been all that diligent to read my grown up Bible.  But I have been faithful to read three stories from three different Children's Bibles every night.  I confess I often thought these Bibles teach the stories but grown up Bible make the impact.  But I was so wrong!  The Bible is living and if you let it will come alive to you no matter the version Baby, Kid, or Grown UP.

Reading Jack's Bible one evening this week I read the story of Mary and Joseph and their trip to Bethlehem.  It is the exact same one I've read for years to the kids.  But that night the thing that changed was my circumstances and my perspective.

I've NEVER connected my life to Mary's life.  I have always appreciated her willingness to live her calling but I failed to see how my life could compare to hers.  Until that night when I read, "look at the people on the road to Bethlehem. They were on the way to be counted and they were unhappy. They were mad and angry at the king and the grumbled and frowned as they walked. But do you see that one happy couple, if they were mad at the king their faces didn't show it. ".  All of a sudden I saw it.  It was a clear as clear could be.

Let me fill some of you in a little....  We are in the midst of an international adoption.  Grant got laid off a month ago.  My income was slowing down and supposed to come to a close when the kids were out of school mid May.  Before this we had a plan,  Grant had saved 5 weeks of vacation.  One for the beach trip to celebrate my parents 40th anniversary at the beginning of June, and at least 2 weeks for the trip to get Caroline, and extra "just in case" time for sleep deprivation with a new toddler and jet lag.  We had the money all planned out too.

Then Grant came home one afternoon to tell me that was his last day.  We assumed he would get something in the next few weeks.  Little did we know there are application weeks, then interview weeks,  now we are praying for the right offer....  As the weeks grew into a month I found myself starting to stress and the desire to complain to God has risen from somewhere.  Not to mention a mysterious case of hives from an allergic reaction that has me physically tortured as only an insatiable itch can provide.

Then I read that simple story that I knew by heart.  Look at the people on the way to Bethlehem, they were mad and grumpy to be going...except for that one couple.  Why were they so happy?

If ever anyone had the right to be stressed and complain it was Mary.  She didn't sign up for this gig.  It was God's idea.  So was Caroline.  Over the course of months Mary had probably come up with a plan.  I did.  Circumstances out of her control changed her plans.  Ours too.  Of all people I would think God would protect from life's circumstances it would be the Mom of his own Son. That is at least what I thought about our adoption. God gave us the dream of our daughter and so far everything has gone as planned. Until now, the last month; which I imagine is what Mary thought too.

So now we get the choice to be one of the grumpy people on the road...or like the description of Mary and Joesph choosing joy in the moment of trial and the unknown.  So Grant and I pray that God will give us the ability to trust HIM beyond our human ability to trust and that we will choose joy over worry throughout each day as long as this "jobless stage" goes on.  Because at the end of this it is all about a child who needs a family that will follow Jesus joyfully no matter what even when the road is rocky. God never promised if we follow Him the road would be flat and easy but He did promise He would be there with us on the journey on which He has called us.

Fast forward 3 weeks as I have mediated and just soaked all this revelation in for myself.  I always held on the fact that God would provide I just didn't know when or how.  I'm a planner, not overly organized but I like a general plan.  Up until the last week did I finally give even that control over to God.  I could make a plan any plan and I was just going to have to be ok with that.

Probably thankful just to stop, for contractions to be over, to be alive and for her baby to be alive, Mary probably at that moment didn't care where she was or that there was a plan.  Things just fell into place and out of blue without announcement three rich guys found them and gave them lavish gifts to provide for their next journey.

Tuesday, 2 weeks and 1 day before we hold our child in our arms, God provided.  Out of the blue he provided.  Grant got a phone call, an interview 3 hours later, and a contract job offer that will take care of our immediate needs.  This job may turn into a full time salary position but only God knows.  One day at a time.  He sees the big picture and where our journey lies...if we continue to trust Him and obey.  I bet it leads somewhere awesome and totally unexpected.  Or we can plan our way and play it safe.

Looking forward to holding little Miss Awesome, God's plan for our life in 10 days!!!

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