Happy Birthday Caroline!

This week we celebrate our daughter we have never met but who has already changed our lives for the better.  God chose her just for us and us for her... a literal match made in heaven :)

The kids only know one way to celebrate a birthday and so we had a little party for Caroline's 4th birthday.   Overflowing with pink cupcakes :)

I can't wait to see what she wants for her 5th birthday and for her chance to blow out the candles. After watching siblings and cousins have birthday parties she will be ready for her turn I'm sure.  And we will have a party as big as is fitting for her personality with either pink, purple, or red cupcakes to celebrate.  Savannah thinks red will be her favorite color since it's popular in China.  I think purple will be her favorite just like her big sisters ;)  or she might pick a color all her own.  I can't wait!

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