God's Provision for Caroline

We have been so blessed this past week with the awesome garage sale with items donated by friends and family and the match given by Karis fund with LifeSong for Orphans.  We also found out this week that we received a grant from Show Hope!!!!  :)  Did the math this morning and it looks like we just have $4000 left to raise! :)  God is providing for Caroline in amazing ways!  We are just humbled by the generosity that has been poured out to give her a family.  The money to be raised was overwhelming when we filled out the adoption application and to think less 7 months later we are so close to having all of the funds raised is amazing! God's girl, God's timing, God's money.  Adoption is God's idea and he is making it happen :)

Thank you to all who have given and shared about our adoption story.  I also did the math on when we could possibly bring Caroline home and it could be late July or August if approvals come quickly.  Please pray that China sends our Letter of Approval soon so we can start loving on our girl.  (P.s. we can show her picture online once we get that approval too!!!)

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