I could not be more excited to let everyone who has prayed for her know that we know who she is now!!!  Over the last few days we have been reviewing one particular file all to fall completely in love with a little girl living in an orphanage an ocean away from us.

She has a smile that will light up a room and just make you want to squeeze her tight.  That day can't come soon enough!

We have submitted our EA (Electronic Application to Adopt her) to China.  In three weeks or so we should get a PA (pre-Approval) (apparently they dropped that part in January and you have to wait in silence until your RA (Referral Acceptance) comes in which should happen in 2-4 months.  Our dossier has to be translated and reviewed and all documents approved.  Once we get our RA we will have permission to share more about her online and her pictures.  At that point we will also be able to send her a care package and they will let her know a family is coming for her.

Please pray with us that all of these steps go super fast.  She has spent enough of her life in an orphanage!  I think I can say she isn't a baby in fact she fits in perfectly age wise between Jack and Luke :) and the descriptions say she is spunky so I think she will fit right in :)

The Good News:  Grant and I can share with you in person her pictures and more information about our girlie so PLEASE ask us!!!  I will probably always have them with me :)  I think I now know how a Grandma feels when showing off pictures of their new grandchild.  They don't have the baby so they have to show the pictures!  I feel exactly like that.   I don't have her but please ask me to see her pictures so I can brag about how wonderful she is :)

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