There are so many things around us that can steal our JOY. The basic daily stresses of getting to work and school on time to devastating news that can change our life's course.  Today I was reminded that Joy does not mean Happy.  Although you can be Happy when you are joyful.  Joy comes from the Lord.  And God told us to praise Him.  This act of simple obedience fills our souls with Joy. I don't know how but it works every time.  First you listen and start singing music to God or about God and then something inside changes.  Sometimes it is reflective joy, sometimes it is exuberant joy, sometimes it is a sweet teary joy.  That last joy has always perplexed me.  You can have Joy and be Sad at that same time.  I've been there and it is so very sweet and tender.

A Big Blue Book named Psalty reminded me of all of this during kid drop off this morning.  I can't thank my Aunt Elise enough for the Christmas gift.  The kids are learning "new" songs and TRUTH.

If you want to order some CD's for your little ones click HERE

I find it interesting as I listen to adults on KLOVE the national Christian Radio Station calling in and giving testimonies about how just listening to Christian music for 30 days in a row is changing their lives that it all comes back to this truth from Psalty that I learned as a kid.  God says sing to him.  Then you obey.  Then He changes You.  Click HERE for the link to the 30 day challenge with KLOVE.  If life is overwhelming or just plain sucks take their challenge and put God to the test.  Let him change you.
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